Can you influence or relate well to:

  • Extremely aggressive hyper-competitors like Donald Trump?
  • Aloof, fact-oriented, analytic people like engineers, and accountants?
  • Passive, warm people-pleasers?

Of course, nobody always acts the same. Sometimes:

  • Tough guys are wimps.
  • Aloof people become emotional.
  • People-pleasers get nasty.

You may have problems with certain types of people because you want to act naturally. When they don’t react the way you would, you wonder, “What’s wrong with them?”
But they aren’t necessarily wrong. They’re just different.

To be effective with varied people, take five steps:

1. Accept them as they are, not as you want them to be.
2. Analyze what they want and how they think and feel.
3. Understand yourself and how you affect them.
4. Determine how they change in various situations.
5. Adjust your approach to fit this person and this situation.

For decades I’ve taught people like you – in books, articles, videos, and classes – how to adjust to different people and situations. It’s the same process whether you’re negotiating, selling, buying, playing poker, supervising, being supervised, or just getting along.

My job is to help YOU to analyze and adjust to varied people and situations.

This website will help you to become a better negotiator, salesperson, poker player, boss, or subordinate, and it will improve your relationships with diverse people. To learn more, click on a book’s cover or the title of a video or article.


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