Trump’s Brilliant Positioning


He is a master negotiator, and much of his success comes from superb positioning. He has repeatedly and very effectively applied this chapter’s principles in business and presidential negotiations. Please note that I am not judging – either positively or negatively – his objectives. That’s not my job. My only job is to teach you and other people how to negotiate. You, I, and everyone else can learn from President Trump’s words and actions.

He Is Extraordinarily Deceptive.
Information is power, and he increases his power by knowing much more about what other people think, want, and will do than they know about him. He has made many statements that conflict with each other or with solid evidence. Very few people are sure they know what he really believes.

He is always negotiating, and some of his opponents don’t realize they’re involved in a negotiation until long after he has established and exploited a strong position against them. Some never realize it. I’m writing this chapter about a year after his inauguration, and many media people still don’t realize how much they helped their “enemy” to strengthen his negotiating positions. They deny the obvious evidence that – without their help – he never would have been elected.

If they had really listened to him instead of mindlessly attacking him, they would have realized that he wanted them to attack him. He obviously craved publicity and had even said, “No publicity is bad publicity,” but they gave him an immense amount of free publicity.

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