Be Smarter Than The ‘Experts’ About Trump

Many “experts” underestimate him. Some even claim he’s mentally ill. They are so blinded by his policies and personality that they ignore his extraordinary success:
• He made billions of dollars.
• He won the presidency despite most experts’ insistence that he was hopeless
• He’s renegotiating unfair trade agreements
• He hade more progress with North Korea in a few months than his predecessors had made in decades.

Please note that I’m not judging – either positively or negatively – his policies. That’s not my job. My only mission is to teach you and others how to negotiate, and we can all learn from him. The critical question is: Why has he been so successful?

He’s Extremely Deceptive.

Information is power, and he increases his power by knowing much more about what other people think than they know about him. He’s made many statements that conflict with each other or with solid evidence. Hardly anyone is sure they know what he really believes.
He is always negotiating, and some of people don’t realize they’re negotiating until after he has established and exploited a strong position against them. Some never realize it.
Many “experts”, especially ones in the media, still don’t realize how much they helped him. They deny the obvious evidence that – without their help – he never would have been elected.

He Takes Outrageous Positions.

These positions frighten people, make them wonder whether any deal is possible, and create immense bargaining room. He sometimes backs down very quickly, surprising everyone. He always knew that he couldn’t get some of the “deals” he proposed. He frequently said something outrageous, scared people, and then backed down to a more realistic position.

He Uses Tweets To Reinforce His Frightening Image.

Tweets and other direct communications to the public were never used so frequently or effectively by a president or candidate. His tweets indirectly said, “I’m not constrained by the rules that inhibit other people, including other presidents. I am so special, so unique, that I can and will do whatever I like. If you don’t like it, that’s tough.”

He Uses Extreme Language.

His language has been unprecedented for a president or candidate. His predecessors almost never publicly used words like, “piece of ass” nor did they say the media are “the most dishonest people.” His extreme language reinforces his “I can’t control myself” image.

He Very Effectively Applies The Law Of Irrationality.

His outrageous offers, frequent tweets, and extreme language have created an “unbalanced” image. People yield to him because they are afraid of what he might do. And that’s exactly what he wants.
The “experts” say he is a psychopath and a narcissist. Even people with a more positive image have doubts about his ability to control himself.
His apparent instability greatly increases his bargaining power. People will make concessions to him that they wouldn’t make to someone they believe is more rational, predictable, and controlled.
Later blogs will discuss the lessons you can apply while negotiating.

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