Previously Published Articles Covering Poker and Business

I’ve published about two hundred articles that will ultimately be posted here. They will be added slowly. Most of my recent articles and blogs appeared in Card Player magazine, the oldest and most respected poker periodical. Here’s what you’ll find at: cardplayer authors-alan schoonmaker.

If you skim through the list, you’ll see that I’m a psychologist, not a strategist. I help readers to understand other people and themselves, and this understanding is valuable EVERYWHERE. If you click on any title, you’ll get the beginning of that article. To read all of it, you’ll subscribe to Card Player.

But, if you join my email group, you can read an article or blog or listen to a podcast several times a week FOR FREE.

They’ll be on a wide variety of subjects such as negotiating, selling, playing poker, understanding and developing yourself and relating to varied people and situations. After emailing them to subscribers, they will be posted on this website. You can always read any you missed.

Some were published at Card Player, and others were published in several other places. Some will be podcasts or unpublished articles. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Oct 11, 2017: Regret: Part Two
Sep 19, 2017: Regret
Aug 16, 2017: Fear- Part Two
Aug 16, 2017: Fear- Part Two
Jul 19, 2017: Fear

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