ALL I have ever done professionally is teach. My books, articles, podcasts, lectures, and videos are all instructional, not entertainment.

The central theme of all this teaching is that you should adjust your approach to fit the situation. MOST people don’t seriously try to adjust. They do what makes them comfortable, then rationalize that it’s the right approach.

  • “You’ve got to take control. Show them who’s boss.”
  • “No, a friendly approach is best.”
  • “You’re both wrong. Eliminate ALL emotions. Stick to facts and logic”

I can teach you how to analyze yourself, other people, and the overall situation, then plan a strategy, implement it, and revise it when necessary. This process is essentially the same whether you’re negotiating, selling, trying to influence someone, or playing poker.

I’ve finished an online training package of eight videos and the second edition of my book  on negotiating psychology. (My associates and I taught over 1,500 workshops on this subject to the world’s largest corporations and banks.) You can take  this course using similar materials for a few dollars — not the hundreds of dollars charged by most companies — using the second edition of Negotiate to Win and the eight videos in combination.

To learn more about the second edition and read the preface of the book, click HERE.

To learn more about the videos HERE.

In the future, I  will also offer live workshops to businesses, so come back and visit often!

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