You can’t afford to be so foolish.  Good negotiators are brutally realistic. They accept reality, even when they intensely dislike it.

I recently published an online course at Udemy, “Is Trump’s Negotiating Strategy Right For YOU?

It states that Trump’s negotiating strategy works wonderfully in some situations, but fails abysmally in others. Some Trump-Lovers and Trump-Haters refuse to accept that obvious fact.

What Trump-Lovers Deny

Some Trump-Lovers deny that his extraordinary aggression creates enemies, loses deals, and prevents absolutely critical cooperation. For example:

  • We’ve had the longest government shut down in our entire history.
  • 40% of his staff have left.
  • Some prominent Republicans have attacked him.
  • Many foreign leaders don’t trust him.
  • The Democrats are desperately trying to impeach him

What Trump-Haters Deny

Trump-Haters are equally blind to reality.

A distinguished professor reacted to my course’s title with this extraordinarily silly email: “I’m deeply suspicious of anything that has ‘Trump’ and ‘Strategy’ in the same sentence. He has none. Never has. So it’s simply not possible that it could be ‘right for you.’”

Since Trump made billions and won the American presidency, that statement is a purely emotional denial of reality. If he didn’t have a strategy, he couldn’t have been so successful.

Another friend was equally irrational. I said that Trump had gotten some great deals.

He angrily replied, “Name one!”

It would be a silly response for anyone, but it was especially silly for my friend. He knows that Trump couldn’t have become a multi-billionaire without making great deals, and he also knows that Trump’s books describe manygreat deals. He just can’t accept those facts.

I mentioned only one deal, Mar-A-Lago. My friend knows that Trump bought it for a small fraction of its worth. Did he accept my answer?

Of course not.

He said, “That wasn’t a great deal.”

Saying that buying a property for much less than it’s worth isn’t a great deal because you hate him is like saying, “Ty Cobb wasn’t a great baseball player,” because he was an exceptionally nasty SOB.

Ty Cobb was one of history’s greatest players. His batting average is the highest of all time, and he received 98.2% of the votes for the Hall of Fame.

His record speaks for itself. The same can be said for Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, don’t deny reality: He’s a huge winner.

I must add that I detested Trump long before most people knew his name. I lived near Atlantic City, played poker in his casinos, and learned that he mistreated his employees, bullied local businesses, and even tried to run over a little old lady. She owned a house he wanted to tear down for his parking lot. But I don’t let my dislike for him blind me to the fact that he has negotiated MANY great deals.

To negotiate well, you MUST accept reality, even when you intensely dislike it.

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