I’d like to introduce you to  a series of eight videos titled Negotiate to Win. These videos and a book with the same title have been used in workshops all over the world. Together, the book and video work to help individuals and businesses learn how to enter into agreements about buying, selling, or just settling an argument using learned skills.

Amazon will soon publish the second edition of Negotiate to Win.

A copy of the book is FREE for a limited time as a pre-publication offer. If you want to learn how to negotiate, this book has the lessons you’ll need to achieve that goal.

Fill in the contact form below for your FREE copy of Negotiate to Win 2nd Edition. As soon as the book is published, I will send you a link to pick up your copy on Amazon. Remember, if you request it before publication, it’s free.

Now for more exciting news … We have just uploaded the eight video series of the same title — Negotiate to Win. Each video, approximately 20 minutes long, follows the format of the book, giving you solid, real-world examples of how the process of negotiation works from beginning to end.

Want more information? You can see the first video FREE right here or on my YouTube channel. This is the basic introduction to the process of successful negotiation.

Take it for a test drive. If you like it, jump over to Amazon and take a look at the rest of the course.